Fluid Consciousness

As a result of reading “The Call” (www.sacredspaceswa.com)  and “Divining Truth” (www.diviningtruth.com)  – both metaphysical primers by Toni Petrinovich, I am understanding consciousness in new ways.  One of the benefits of this deepening is the rewriting and editing of my life’s script.  This is a powerful practice by which I frame my life’s events in a way that allows for increasing levels of clarity.  The result is a relationship with my story that is in a state of flow.  Because no events are fixed, I can revisit anything that is confusing, painful or simply unresolved and, in a state of coherency, enter into the memory for an expanded view.  This has been the basis of my blog, “blueprint.”  It is remembering that I am the author of my life and the lead character, that I have the power and authority to claim my experience for my whole self:  holy, anointed, perfect.    To my honor, Toni used my blueprint excerpt as her prologue in “Divining Truth”.

As I rewrite my story, I am free to align with my inner core being whose essence is unity, love, purity and fearlessness.  No-thing is a solid as we have conditioned ourselves to believe.  Time is relative and fluid, Consciousness is relative and fluid, the field of experiencing that is the creator source manifest is boundless, infinite, holds all information through time, our soul’s record, the akashic record (the cosmic data bank of all manifestation) and is accessible to the all.  One only needs to allow the bodies to be in harmonic, coherent alignment to access this subtle realm.  Beyond the level of the mind is where it is at!!!!

So, I began editing my script when I began studying metaphysics, and blueprint is a result.  In continued revising, and through the alchemy of editing “Divining Truth,” I write:

     Though it appears I was born on September 13, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, the truth is that I have never been born. It appears I AM temporarily housed within the cellular intelligence that comprises the being called “Katie Hart”, and yet I am not dependent upon my gracious host (which is also me) for my life. As Eternal Essence, I exist in the Divine Matrix of the One Heart. For the adventure of it all, I am personified as a woman living in the Western sensibilities of the United States. Watching myself as this woman navigate her life as presence is my life’s passion. I love her without expectation or fear. There is no thing she can do to separate herself from me, and I know it. As I watch her move about her daily life, I am in utter delight.
     Her past up to this date is a divine play that is referenced with utter non-attachment and integrity. Though I have imbued in this incarnation a natural proclivity towards music, for example, I am not bound by any scripting. I am free to experience and to unfold myself through experience as I see fit for no other reason, save play! Free from all form, my sense of limitlessness informs me. I exist as the watcher and the watched simultaneously; my sense of identity rooted in the fearlessness of love without condition, outside of conventional notions of time and space.
The natural sense of unity that I feel expresses itself in communion and effortless cosmic communication. Aligned with the compulsions of my awareness of oneness, I feel myself as the All in the All. No thing is separate from me and no thing is me.
     The infinite consciousness that I am simply arrives on the wings of my felt awareness and transcribes itself as love and passion of union. All is seen for the Love it is: person, rock, attitude, action, memory, judgment, joke. Heart knowing is my only compass, and all of life supports my knowing. I have always been and will always be aware of my Divine blueprint for how could it be any different?

     At home in the Heart, all mental functions lose their importance and the flowering that I am exudes eternal joy in the presence of my essence.


Book Review: Divining Truth

     A new Book was birthed this summer and early fall entitled “Divining Truth, Straight Talk from Source (the story)”. The author is Toni Petrinovich and I had the rare privilege of editing this “profound book of truth” as it has been called. Indeed, as it was being written, I often shared with Toni – to our mutual delight – that the book was “editing me”!
     Entering the pages of “Divining Truth” you are escorted into the stream of consciousness of a human being who has opened her heart and mind to the Cosmic Mind in order to bring clarity to the many concepts present within earthly reality at this time. The resulting words engage the mind and speak directly to the heart.

     Through question and answer format, Toni, as spokesperson for Cosmic Consciousness, makes available to those who enter the pages within a way of seeing the world that includes an intrinsic experience of unity and oneness with the All ( Source, God, Allah or whatever name you have for the All). In the light of this heart-knowing, manufactured beliefs have an opportunity to lose their footing revealing soul-refreshing clarity.
     Each of the questions within “Divining Truth” offers to the reader an opportunity to experience the answer at ever deepening levels of truth. Without the confines of a right or wrong way to go about Divining Truth, Toni reveals the layers of confusion or misunderstanding that may be propelling the initial question and redirects the reader to the subtle voice within the heart.

Toni writes
          “Your heart, as the voice of your soul, knows only its deepest passion. Exerting subtle influence over your life in           many different ways your heart constantly urges you to experience the freedom of living as profusely as you can possibly imagine for yourself. Whether you live in a mansion or a cardboard box, the freedom of expression is seated within your heart. How you decide to experience it is the abundance of your life giving itself to life itself.” (In regards to a question about “Abundance “, page 87)
     As a result of reading “Divining Truth” you may find that, like me, you are “edited” or relieved of the burden of belief in concepts that do not serve your well-being. You are listening closely to your heart and the intuitive knowledge it contains for you. You have confidence in your ability to divine truth for yourself and the valor to align with that truth. You set your life on a course of soulful expression that mirrors your capacity to be a container for truth as you know it to be, moment to moment.





When I was a young child I was touched by the stories and pictures of the Master Jesus welcoming and enjoying children.  There was a picture of this scene hanging over the piano in our home.  There is a photo of me sitting on a piano bench looking quite resolute as a little one.  I can summon that feeling within myself now.  I am knowing then and now that the hallmarks of childhood: boundlessness, joy, a feeling of bouancy, freedom and presence – play and magic and innocence and laughter are holy!  They are sanctified and precious!

Holy Joy!

The other night in a vivid dream I gave birth to a baby.  It was effortless!  I was with a male and female midwife type team and we went into the womb of mother earth and, on queue,  out came baby!  The painless birth was accentuated by this healthy and vibrantly connected child.   The Umbilical chord was not severed.  I named the baby Joy.

In this “waking” moment, my inner child is glowing in this moment as my outer child – my three year old – crawls on my lap!

Loving self

It is only when I love myself thoroughly and completely that I am able to give that love to others.  I no longer am understanding this intellectually, only.  I am putting it into practice.  This means that the usual constraints of the mind are let loose.  The conditioning and learning that I have taken upon myself no longer applies.  I serve no one if I betray myself in favor of my conditioning.  And yet, everything has served to bring me to this moment, and for that I am appreciative.  Appreciative and resolute:  I accept the invitation to use any confusion to awake myself.  I accept the invitation to stand in my own two shoes in valor and with backbone.  I accept the invitation to ease into anything that feels like an “I don’t know” so that deeper levels of my integrity may surface.

I accept the invitation to be I AM – I accept!

channel for the Angelic Realm

The Angelic Realm expresses through me, through my voice.  The essence that comes through me when I sing, that opens my heart, is the essence that I pay attention to.  Much of this post is taken from my Angelic Human reading of 2011.

Long ago I gave my agreement to share my earth experience in this time with the angelic realm so that they could experience free will.  The timing for it all to come together was around 1997 or 1998.  The angelic realm was ready to enact this experiencing with the realm of the humans within the earth.  (That coincided with my singing the role of a Christmas angel at my church appointment and the photo being captured and displayed on the front page of the newspaper – talk about confirmation).  

Does this mean I, or anyone that shares their soul fabric with the angelic realm, am special?  No, it simply means that we are a bit different.  We are, all of us, anointed.  We choose to become conscious of our anointing and to let go of the fear of transformation.   We have the capacity to allow ourselves to be conscious of that anointing and can consciously re-script our life to reflect this truth.

The Angelic Realm, through my free will agreement,  continue to express through the vibrations I send out into the world – vibrations that awaken a specific yearning within each human that hears my voice –  developing within each an exacerbated longing to experience and to  know themselves as Source, as the Eminence.  They do this through matching the intensity of the sound of my voice with their vibration.

I am committed to this endeavor of resonating with the angelic realm and using my voice as ambassador for the angelic realm, now: To opening myself as  channel for the Angelic Realm, the heavenly choir.  That is how I express and that is what I am about.  It is my gift and it is my grace.  I share fearlessly as it is my highest joy to do so.

Composite Being

I am remembering, now, that I am a composite being.  The information contained within my Soul can be described as a beautiful carpet with various tufts or lives interwoven together.  I am the totality of all I have lived and all I will live, and I call upon the learning in my cells  in every apparent cycle for the wisdom it contains, now. This writing is the application of information from my Soul Reading of January 22, 2010.

I am aware that I am experiencing two parallel lives that are impacting this one.  The first is as an androgynous being who left the land of Lemuria around 30,000 years ago.   I went to the assistance of what I believed would be a very enjoyable time working within the framework of what is often called Atlantis.   There was no real need for me to go, it was my own decision and I decided it would be best  to assist with the  placement  of the splitting of the DNA structures that were being experimented with at that time.  The reason I went was because I remembered the original plan.  I also had foreknowledge of the current transformational time that is being experienced here within the earth right now.  Using time, I knew the past and future – or that the earth is nearing a potential that I had anticipated and therefore I have been in preparation for this for a long time.  Once there, I became aware that there was much more going on than met the eye – and while I was able and happy to carry  on with my part of the experiment, there was nothing I could do to keep events from going in the direction that they would soon appear to do.  I felt helpless while I watched the splitting of the androgynous beings into male and female and the polarity the twin souls felt when separated in this way.  This has been the basis of my anxiety in this life – because of the feeling of that separation.

The second body I took on – impacting this life –  was a female body – a hermit or nun in the 11 century a.d. in the Tibetan caves.    I was looking for a connection so that I could feel fully present here.  I hoped my asceticism would do this since I could Isolate myself within and wouldn’t be distracted by anything else – the world held no solace for me.  I wanted to come here and balance out my trepidation and lack of ‘happiness’ here. While the Tibetan monastic life held great promise, there was the political situation there which, though I was gone from there by that time, left the nuns with nearly no place to go.

Though these lives are distinctly different, they hold a vibration of loss, separation or anxiety and the inability to “move forward” so to speak.  This anxiety is free to dissipate as I claim my composite being, all of my wisdom and learning present for me in my very cells, now.  For connecting with the Lemuria life stream in my consciousness awareness enables me to feel in my cells – to remember – what it is to live by the one will.  My lifetime as Katie has been an accelerated longing for this one will up until this point in which I claim my will and the one will (which, are, in truth, the same already) aligned.  My intention is firmly anchored.  So it is. Further, as an exercise I imagine collecting my parallel lives, Katie, Lemuria and Tibet (nicknames all) and am holding “me” in a loving and holy embrace.  We are going home.  I, my essence, am the captain.  Commandeering with utmost compassion I escort my composite selves in to the holy ship of the composite soul, I AM.  Assuaging any trepidation, I offer to escort us to our home within our soul family’s integrated light.  I nicknamed my soul family “Pomegranate”, for we are one and many at the same time.  My friends are willing and in the golden light of unconditional love we merge as one flame.  This one flame, the I AM, now escorts itself home.  Loving embrace is felt deep within and a composite being appears to be emerging for use in this timeline that is the “Katie” tuft.  aligned with the one will, in a will-less state so to speak, all energy pretending to be separate is easily integrated.  This happens in no-time and is felt.  My angel, Angela, is overseeing this seamless integration.  A deep heartfelt thanks to all of the I AM, and especially to Katie, Lemuria, Tibet, Angela, my soul family, the Ambassador, The I AM creator source which I AM.  All of it.  All of me. For how could it be any other way?

As relatively a “newbie” to this earth time,  I gave myself the gift of song.  I knew that giving myself this gift would provide an avenue for me to express and experience here, and that is what I am doing now.  Moving forward as the forthright being, the composite being that I AM, fearlessly navigating from moment to moment in heart-knowing.  Using my gift, music, to awaken in myself and the all, infinite presence and the composite beings that we all are.  

additional confirmation!!!!

additional confirmation!!!!

I was just browsing a blog post that my friend Toni Petrinovich of sacredspaceswa.com shared on her recent newsletter.  It is entitled “Finding True Magic” and the author is Jack Elias.  It is confirming for me what I am practicing right now:  the art of easing into “I don’t know” when that is what is true for me.  I am including the link and the online text of this marvelous post.  Thank you Toni, thank you, Jack, and thank you “I don’t know!”


Speedy Mind Crazy Mind
Posted on June 6, 2012 by jackelias

In the blog A Life of Desire Vs. a Life of Appreciation, we considered how an ordinary challenge can present the opportunity to find True Magic if you shift your focus from achieving a desire to practicing appreciation. We had the example of someone assuming he had to know the right techniques to do away with feeling scattered and stressed. (Who wouldn’t desire that?) When he judged that he couldn’t do the techniques right or remember the proper procedures the frustration of his desire for relaxation caused him more pain.
I invited you to consider what would happen if, instead of using techniques to satisfy a desire, you focused on doing the techniques with appreciation for them and for yourself in relationship to them. I claimed that practicing appreciation could satisfy desire effortlessly, without direct concern to satisfy it.
Several readers shared with me that this was what they discovered. One business executive shared that appreciating his abundance and the efforts of those with whom he worked, instead of focusing exclusively on desired results, reduced his stress and made it possible to feel renewed and joyful at work.
Another business executive shared that practicing appreciation at home dramatically reduced his stress and made him more friendly, allowing his teenage child to approach him unbidden and give him a hug even though they had been estranged for a long time – how’s that for Magic!
In this edition let’s consider what the mind is like when it is pursuing desires. Is it not speedy? Thoughts go by so fast it’s hard to keep track of whether they make sense and yet the speed of thinking itself is so compelling, crazy ideas can command us, even when we know better. Have you ever said, “I knew better intellectually, but I couldn’t help myself.”?
I hear this all the time in my counseling sessions. I invite my clients and I invite you to give up this idea of “knowing intellectually.” This is the challenge for this month. I would like you to adopt the attitude that if you know something, that means you can act on the knowledge productively. If you can’t act for productive change, you don’t know what you need to know! If you indulge in the deluded thought called “knowing intellectually,” you distract yourself from the dilemma of not really knowing.
What do you think? Isn’t it kind of soothing, like a consolation prize, to think, “at least I know it intellectually.” If you give this prize up and insist on focusing on the dilemma of not knowing what you need to know, you keep your mind in contact with your dilemma. You keep your feet to the fire so to speak. This naturally inspires your mind to find creative solutions.
At this point, many say they lack self confidence. They don’t believe they will come up with a solution. This is the telltale sign that the Magic Formula has been forgotten! The forgotten Magic Formula is to stop and to relax into “not knowing.” “Not knowing” is darkness. It is also moist and fertile like soil. When you stop and rest in “not knowing,” you plant your mind like a seed in the soil of the challenge facing you. Then you wait like a farmer waits, calmly, with faith, for the sprouts to appear as you go about other business. What would happen if a farmer went out every day and dug up the seeds he planted to see how they were doing?
Most of us have been robbed of this knowledge that it is crucial to wait in the darkness of “not knowing.” Our schooling and parents convinced us we didn’t have permission to wait fearlessly and vigilantly in “not knowing.” They demanded that we know and the sooner the better! And this unnatural demand broke our connection to the organic way in which our creative intelligence meets challenges and solves problems.
Practice this month focusing on a problem with the question, “How can I relate here to produce the highest benefit?” Focus on the problem with this seed question in mind for one minute as you breathe and relax. Then let it go and go about your other business. If desire comes in the form of fearful, anxious thoughts and concern, stop, relax into “not knowing,” and plant the seed question again for one minute as you breathe and relax. Focus you energy on this practice instead of letting your energy go into anxiety that your desire may not be satisfied.
Be attentive to messages from your small inner voice. When it’s ready, like a seed beginning to sprout in the darkness of the soil, it will speak to you. Be willing to be surprised by what it may tell you or invite you to do. Before going to bed is a great time to plant such seeds. If you do, it is common to have significant educating dreams or to wake up with solutions. Let me know how it goes.
Good luck!

The Grail

I was contemplating recently that the Grail that I have sought is my own holy heart. Though I can be open to guidance on where to look or not to look,  no body could ever give it to me because it is already mine for the claiming!  This space deep within is awake to everything and to the unfathomable no-thing, the ineffable.

It is golden to me since it feels like a treasure when I am in its presence: my presence.  Some call it the Presence of your Essence.  It is “of the essence”.

This Grail, my holy heart, is unattached to any “thing”.  It is not identified with any thought or the thinker of thoughts.  It’s essence is light of love.  It is the I AM.  

We are not taught to treasure our inner being in this world.  It can be hard-earned because of our overemphasis on material possession including (but not limited to) understanding or knowing, and the desire to control the surrounding environment – especially people.

This world is shifting.  We are an integral part of that shift by seeing through the veil of attachment.   If it is all of source (the veil, our essence), then non judgement can free up space to see , truly see, reality and to act in clarity.

This is what it is to be me!

This is what it is to be me as I AM:

There have been many moments in my past where I would have gladly traded my life for just about anyone’s life.  I dearly wanted to avoid the pain and chaos I had created in my life.  That’s all over now.  I no longer want to avoid what I create.  I am standing up as the forthright being that I AM and making a claim for my authenticity – the I AM that I AM – in the world now.  Let the confusion or the bliss come and go.  Let the mental striving cease.  I AM entering my heart of hearts in each moment – being gentle, caring and kind to me – and allowing beingness to be my reality. I no longer suppress my emotions.  I go into my inner being, say what I feel needs to be said in the moment, and allow beingness to be my reality. Yes, I AM in this moment.  Yes, I AM in this moment.  Yes, I AM in this moment.  And each breath is a testament to this fact.  Let the hardened places of inner being dissolve.  I AM unveiled within.  This is what is going on for me as the I AM.  The innocent of my heart is my only lead and I follow it.  I AM my heart, the voice of my soul.  I AM within this physical vehicle and I listen very closely to it.  I AM guiding and following myself. Standing in my own two shoes, forthright, is all the backbone I need, and I claim ME for ME!

Thank you!  This post is made possible by my own internal efforts inspired by a soul garden reading gifted to me for my 38th birthday by Toni Petrinovich.  See Sacredspaceswa.com

I don’t know

I don’t know.

Acknowledging I don’t know, when it is true for me (which is more and more often!!!), invites me into a space of surrender.  When I am in the space of surrender, willingness, trust, and then knowing all have an opportunity to bloom – blessing everyone and everything invol  I don’t have to figure anything out or understand the “why” of it.  The knowing that I seek is always available to me – it only appears to be obscured by some passing clouds – and yet clinging to a need to know or be certain only holds the clouds in place so that the sunlight of knowledge cannot be felt.  The electromagnetic waves that comprise my physical vehicle are found in their greatest concentration in the area of my heart, the voice of my soul.  When my coherent heart is acknowledged and attention is paid to it, it has the ability to entrain (draw along with) my whole self, mind, emotions and body – and then my spirit soars again!  So, in this moment, I welcome the sense of not knowing. I ease into it!   I trust I will awaken me to my truth and find it is no longer buried within.  How simple it all is and I remember now the freedom of knowing when I do and knowing when I do not know!