shaman children

No where in my life am I more aware of my perceived limitations and my perceived potentialities than in my relatingships with my children.  My children are both in a toddler stage of life, now.  Full of the zest of life and the demands of their emerging personalities, to say they are a handful and an inspiration is no exaggeration.

Wrestling with my reactions to the various beliefs I have about the right way to do things as a mother strengthens my focus on my essential nature.  The form that contains the I AM That I AM is, in reality, a no form.  It is a standing wave with the potential to be in resonance with infinite, unlimited presence.  That is what my shaman children are inspiring within me:  the ability to respond to the infinite possibilities in each moment.  Though the responses may vary moment to moment, the sense of stepping into my own shoes and owning my right to be at peace with what is unfolding is the common denominator.

Shifting from identity with form to identitiy with Presence in form is the gift of my shaman children.

no doubt

Today, September 23, 2012, in an experience of “no time”, I experienced a feeling of sacredness; I had no doubt whatsoever that recognition is possible and will be my reality.  It is the reality I AM (as the I AM) creating, and the feeling that came to me in the moment felt so very clear.


If the feeling could speak, it would say:

recognition or what we refer to as “enlightenment” is actually the most simple and the most comprehensible state.  It is so ingrained in who we are as humans (hu= God, man= man) that it could be no other way for any of us.  And stepping into this recognition takes no time and no effort and a barely noticeable shift – a wee willingness and an inner availability that flys on the wings of this willingness.  The clarity afforded is so grounding, so uplifting, so centering and applicable to one’s view of life as an energy stream as to leave no qualm whatsoever: no complaint. 


I celebrate, in the name of the One Heart, this feeling that came to me today.  I highlight it for I feel it speaks to the Divine Matrix in each of us that beckons us inwards towards its light and love – the very essence of what we are.


Namaste!  Namaste!  Namaste!