Pirate up!

Today is a great day to “Pirate up!” I say!  to sweet the dust bunnies from my consciousness and allow my heart to lead me in the path of my knowing.  I am noticing I said “my truth”, for truly, I can know no other.  My experience is mine, and your experience is yours.  We have different paths, perhaps, yet the same heart!  This connection is so pure and so potent in its intent:  love!


Today I am grateful for love without conditions.  Today I pirate up and claim my self for myself.  And you are included in this love, for there is no other.


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the process

I’ve added the category “composition corner” to reflect the musical experiences and offerings of my heart.

In the eye of God, I endeavored to compose a piano solo from the very heart of my heart. Allowing the meanderings of this focus to translate into sound, I maintained an attitude of curiosity and wonder. What is going to come next? How will this image, this feeling, this focus translate into sound? It was if I was watching a benevolent fountain of life-giving, living water as it bubbled and danced between the realm of the formless and the realm of form. Sometimes it appeared as a still pool. Sometimes it receded into itself and at times it bubbled up and out! It was fascinating to watch and nourishing. As the composition came to a resting point, I looked at the audio track and, behold, it made the shape of an eye! I recommend listening to this composition with an open heart and mind. Allow the tones, the rhythms and harmonies and the silence to flow within and bring you to a state of presence and ease with what is. Namaste, Katie

Sound Portrait of Valor
Intuitively lead to an organ sound – the Jazz Organ, I am drawing the parallel truth that the “organ of valor” is our own Heart – our own “jazzed up” heart! So, throwing caution to the wind, I just went for it. The sounds that came out sometimes surprised me, and yet, valor has many aspects, no? Sometimes valor means being strong in the face of something that needs “shoring up” within and sometimes it means being soft and receptive to what wants to enter in and bless us. Sometimes it means singing your own tune, even if it is “out of harmony” with the surroundings and sometimes it means blending in and becoming invisible or silent.

Sound Portrait of Angela: Guardian Angel
So I wanted to hear from my guardian angel “Angela” and also to provide an angelic message that would be a template for everyone to hear from their guardian angel. It seemed our angels had a lot to say for they began filling my mind and heart with notes and tones and a great feeling of enthusiasm. It was if, through the music, our angelic guides were cheering us on. If I could give them words, they would be “you have no idea how wondrous you are. We are so cheering you on. We are very busy on your behalf for we have so much beautiful information we want to bring you and you are letting us bring it to you now!!!! You are playing magnificent roles in the cosmic sized drama and are the human experience of Source creation! You are enabling Source, which is you, to expand infinitely in limitless directions! And you are doing marvelously. We cannot say enough about you for you are so very holy and so very beloved. Feel what we are giving to you in these moments. There is no such thing as right or wrong and “sin” does not exist. Feel this truth within the cells of your being! You cannot get it wrong! We are all here for experience and the joy of consciously knowing this!!!! Let yourself feel and know how wondrous you are and know we are always all ways here for you. We delight in being here for you and answering your every prayer and whim! Trust! Know! Be what it is you are! Live your holy truth as you know it to be~ and have fun! Joy and laughter and love are yours and we are reminders of this. Let your own childlike innocence guide you from the holy holies of your heart and be warmed by our love for you! We Love you always, your guardian angels!

Sound portrait presence of Source
In composing this piece I set the intention of opening myself as a portal for Source to speak of presence. It felt extremely simple. There is no – thing that is not source, is what I felt, and yet, being aware of this fact is what brings the shimmering quality of life to our awareness. We can never be separated from that which we are, only come into a deepening of our awareness of it: we are one, we are source and source is we.

Thank You

A Giant Thank You to all of the supporting roles in my life.  All of you, especially in this moment my children and husband, for agreeing to play these roles with me.  As a result, I am refining my awareness of my self as it appears in everything as everything.  The mirrors of clarity that you hold up, that show me what I am suppressing, give me such fuel and momentum for diving into all of the hardened places of inner being that are crying for admission into my own heart.  In this moment I open my heart with such gratitude and appreciation to you. 

What is it I have been suppressing, you ask?  my enormous capacity to allow my wise heart to be my guide in all that I think, say and do; my ability to open myself to any confusion (which can include feelings of anger, resentment, fear, not-knowing, guilt, et. al)  that comes up for any reason at all and to surrender to the wisdom it is ultimately leading me to;   this enormous light that I AM that I began “hiding under a bushel” so to speak so very long ago that is now asking to flower and shine.


Again and again,

in allowance and infinite patience

I dive within my heart and see, really see,

the light, I AM, flowing

within the eternal flame.

For I AM God, I feel through both

flame and shadow, and neither,

define what it is to be the I AM.

These words, in the name

of the One Heart

I repeat now

With a “shout out”

to those supporting actors

who shine the light of clarity

in compassion and truth

so that the I AM that I AM

may illumine all of our lives

infinitely and all ways.