I remember

And then the being who agreed to play my daughter in this life began a conversation with me in the swing between worlds.  In a feeling of divine union, we expressed as one:

This experience is the mutual unfolding of the one heart we share.  The learnings of mother daughter pale in comparison to the unity we know ourselves to be.
This unity is brought into deep focus now for mother in the apparent time/space continuum as it presently exists on earth (it is already in focus for daughter).  As a result we are nourished by our knowledge of the truth of our nature.  We express no fear or lack of trust in our relatingship because our knowing is so complete.  Surrendering to the wisdom of each moment leads us to the next piece of our awareness and serves to strengthen and expand our focus.  The vistas opening up for us now are filled with such gentleness and clarity.  As each of us expresses from the heighth of our knowledge in each moment, understanding naturally blossoms.  Mommy knows to let daughter’s light lead the way.  Apparent conflicts and tensions melt in the light of this heart knowing.  The flow of love between us is a nourishing current that touches all who observe our interactions.  Not caring what the interactions look like on the outside, adherence to the one heart and the divine compulsions of this alignment eclipse fear and suspicion.  We are free!  We are free to be!  We Are!

Thank you, dearest friend, for this opportunity to be in the oneness with you now.  I Love you!  Now, Let’s go play with the goose poop!