She Walks with Ravens

Grayscale Photography of Person on Cliff
Flora Westwood photo credit

They call to her

each morning


with echoing rhythms

in three and four time,


“you know you are

each moment new

nothing to hold onto

nothing to define you ~

in this holy dance

Nameless existence ~

a synonym for the identity

we see you choose and discard

Do not worry

we will eat your leftovers

the charred bits

and decaying refuse

Working in tandem

you can fly free

in the shadow of our wings.

It is our honor to support you

to ~ awaken with our caws

our holy meal

awaits your endeavor.

So, Shapeshift, dear one,

leave expectation behind.

walk with the Ravens.

know the silence. . .

of the womb, of the void ~

that chamber of the heart

so cavernous and stood.”

They call to her

and she listens.

She walks with Ravens

and the world is her oyster.

Sounding News, 3/2021

There is no place like home. Isn’t that how the movie line goes? (hat tip to the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy and friends). Yet in the instance to which I am referring, the home IS the no-place ~the no place that is the place-holder for authentic and potent possibility. Yet how do we get there? How do we become rooted in possibility so that we can grow tall in our authenticity? The first step, if you will, is knowing we are eternal vibration. We are frequency and sound, which is light, which is sound (remember, everything is made up of waves, including the chair you may be sitting on and the computer that is before you). The reason that the waves can be seen is because they have been intended. There is conscious choice involved in allowing infinite potential to take form. All that is (and all that is not) , I AM, or whatever name you use for namelessness itself slows down enough to experience what it feels like to appear to particularize. Which leads to the second “step” in actualizing your rooted potential: observation. When you observe something, you are interacting with it at a spooky distance while simultaneously being it (thank you, Einstein). There is no observing without an observer, and so the simplest conclusion is that what you observe, you create, which is you! You bring your perception into your purview and make it yours – at least for the moment. And yet, since you are frequency, which are waves, there is nothing to own or hold onto. Paradox got you in a catch 22? Here is where you will want to remember that everything is frequency, waves. You exist as an apparent form, seemingly solid, yet you are literally a carrier and transmitter of waves. You are a living wave-form.

Next, you will want to avail yourself of the reality that nothing is personal. The very real life you have manifested as your story is that – a story. No matter how complex/multilayered/real-seaming/compelling/august – you name it. None of that changes the fact that you are writing a story. Where is your story leading? Are you aware that you are the script writer, director, leading actor and supporting roles? That You call your life’s story into being?

Where is all of this leading?

Sounding, of course, since this newsletter is my story that I am writing to you, dear reader (whom I observe and make real for the moment, and vis. a vis)! Conscious story writing is community. That doesn’t mean that all communities of conscious story writers will agree or get along or see things in the same way, but it does mean that there is an effort involved to be able to zoom in and out of the picture being etched so that it can be the likeness intended.

Intention is the heart of my practice of Sounding. My intention for you, when I sound, is to reflect your gorgeous essence: Your Infinite Presence, which is creating experience moment to moment through choice of observation. This nexus of choice is so very empowering that staying within the awareness of its grace, with no need to choose at all puts you in touch with your infinite potential. Reflecting in no-place may seem like a cotton-field, yet it is actually the most grounded state you can experience. There is no home like your coherent vibration, which is the All and the No-thing. Be in touch with it as you grow rooted in self-knowledge, observation, choice and intention. Then you will rise up and know what you know. Purchase song and mini-retreat for aware coherency on my webpage here:

Rise Up  (C,d,e,d,C,d,e,d,C,d,e,d:ll

The limits you set are

the ones you believe in,

Trust yourself, set yourself free!

That box in the corner 

that once held you tightly, 

Won’t hold you,


no more,

no more

hiding . . .

It’s time to rise up and know what you know,

to know what you know!

Rise up and know what you are in your Soul,

OH to Know!

To know what you are in your soul,

To be what you are as a soul

And if you you can’t find it,

the road, where it leads, well

Take a breath

You ARE Your way,

That ocean within you

of love and thanksgiving

don’t hold it,


no more

you’re meant for so

much more,

It’s time to rise up . . . .


& when you don’t know if you’re

comin’ or goin’, just

Breath in the Love

and surrender inside,

Oh, release the tide. . . (pause)

It’s time to rise up

(refrain) and

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