To a Friend

Dear Friend,

I remember you from our childhood adventures and misadventures. You have reached out to me, and you have indicated that you may not have much more time here. I want to reassure you that you are safe, in essence. You will allow the flesh to fall away eventually, as we all will, as we all do. This suit is quite fantastical, isn’t it? Quite a hypnosis with the ferocious input from the senses that tell us “I Am alive, I Am Here!”

While those senses may scream us out the door, when we go, we cannot take them with us. They have not value and usage where we are going.

They are a final frontier to the great unknown, which can only be navigated by an inner compass that you already possess. This is no trite thing. This is the core of you, the Heart, the Voice of your Soul that can guide, you know. It is here for us to whisper us home. As we gradually attune to its still resonance, we can retreat from any physical sensory input, knowing that all that we love and old dear is a part of us and made up of spiritual essence, as well. The essence of all you love awaits for you, and doesn’t mourn that you are no longer staying in the physical. Tune into this essence, which holds the record, bears the record, of all that you truly are, beyond your imagination and before words.

There are worlds awaiting you, some you have glimpsed in dreams, that welcome your return to their embrace. Allow this embrace to guide your journeying. Be yourself hugged home. You are not alone. Your life, your coming and your going, whenever that moment arises, is important. It matters. It matters that you came and it matters that you stayed for so very long – often times longer than you even wanted to stay.

Feel the loving caresses of all that serves your unfoldment in this moment, no matter what it looks like. Do not miss your life, look forward to a new life, where the cast of characters only appears to change, as your soul family rearranges itself into a new configuration for play.

More sunshine, more hugs and kisses, more family and friendship, more tactile pleasure and, yes, even more pain to overcome. It is all within you as you plant a beautiful seed of Remembrance whilst reemerging into your spiritual glory. I envy you, at a certain level. And part of me accompanies you and part of me waits for you beyond the veil. We are that magnanimous, huge, and omnipresent. Let me be your guide and tell you that your beauty can be breathed before you in a continuous loop of engagement with your Heart. This will envelop you as you journey into the full awareness of the light you already are. Your heart knows. It has always known. It will always know. It is You.

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings, Soul-One, in the name of the One Heart,

Your fellow sojourner

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