Volume I: Is God a Narcissist?

Recently I have been asked how is it I can say that I AM the love of my Life, with no qualifications, saying Doesn’t that make you Narcissistic?

It’s a fair question. Yet I feel that Narcissism has gotten a bad rap lately. People are so afraid of seeming narcissistic that they may go to the opposite extreme of parading their self-doubt. Yet isn’t that also a form of delusion?

From Wikipedia:

“Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one’s physical appearance or public perception.”

Of course everything is a spectrum and therefore finding a middle path is always appropriate – in moderation – as they say: you want to maintain your person as an act of physical hygiene, play nice with others so you get along in the social arena, and at the same time, have self-confidence. Where are you on these spectrum’s continuum? Do you worship youth and beauty so that you must go everywhere coiffed? Do you play the antagonist in your social group to a “T”? Do you pretend to be weaker or more unenlightened in order to fit in to the mindset around you? Do you berate or inflate yourself at the expense of your clarity?

What does God think of all of this? What would God say?

Godspeak * is my name for the vibration within you that feels like ‘home’. In the Goldilocks analogy, it would be baby bear’s chair: just right. You are neither pushing against or retreating from, That which you Are.

And what are you? In the last twenty years nutritionists would remind us that our bodies are 70 percent water (more or less). Now science, especially quantum science which deals with, well, quanta, demonstrates that we are made up of mostly space.

What in the heck?

So if God speaks and is a narcissist, what would He say? “You are my Creation, of which I Am well-pleased”. Or maybe “Well-done, my good and faithful servant”.

That’s right, He would express love and praise for His creation as well as congratulate Himself on a beautiful job, “well-done”.

The point is, there is no loser here – it is a Win-Win situation – and nobody’s porridge needs to be taken.

You can love and appreciate others as well as love and appreciate that you are loving and appreciating others! It is a glorious loop. Test it and see!

But, hey, isn’t it narcissistic to want to influence other people’s perception by writing this article? Do you see that every act you take is for your own gratification no matter what it looks like from the personality?

The answer is that being Selfish – or Self-ish – in a conscious, heartfelt way always benefits everyone involved. It can be no other way, for where one is taking care of one’s Godspeak, one’s vibration, one automatically influences perception. As you observe you create and your creations spark the daisy-chain for every other player in this stage called life.

And how do you do that? Care for your vibration? Well, that will be another volume on another day . . . so stay tuned! Your vibration will thank you . . .

Toddler Girl Smiling and Touching Toy