Two words

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It comes to me to express words that are the lynch pin. They hold everything together in the possibility of freedom. Speaking them may seem to dilute them, and yet, a truth shared does not make it less so. Silence is the only truth. I tis the beginning and the end and everything in between: the background of being and the substance of being. The way the phenomenal world apparent is reconciled with this experience is through the two words that have been uttered countless times, yet little understood.

God is.

That is it in a wrap – and yet the wrap that holds you in these two words, that holds it all is the beginning that was misunderstood and only found again by going out from the beginning only to return again. God is tells the tale of the prodigal son, who “knows now what he does” and yet is never judged none-the-less as none-the-less.

More and less are reconciled here, God is.

Past future and present are reconciled here.

God is,

God is the beginning, the end, everything in between.

God is takes the wandering mind,

And returns its orbit to the ineffable place,

The Sun, the “One Man”, the everyone or all,

The Heart.

God is

Is my Salvation and what I have to offer.

God is and I am free, you are free.

God is, for there can be no other.

God is.

Let’s have coffee:

Capturing Enlightenment

What? Capturing enlightenment? did I hear that right? Isn’t that like the proverbial “catching lightening in a bottle” ~ a pictoral reference for the impossible?!?

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Let me explain.

Of course, you cannot catch light. Of course you cannot capture what is eternally free and ungraspable. You certainly can’t take a selfie with it.

What is a selfie? It is a noun. Noun means a person, place or thing and is one of the earliest lessons taught in school. It is a grammer lesson, and just like we name our children by a nomiker, it is a flat out lie. We are not nouns. We are verbs. in fact, everything is a verb!

That is how you capture enlightenment by not capturing it! There is no Enlightenment, Noun, there is only the process of enlightening – verb. When you are enlightening, you are in the process of life.

You are birthing, giving birth to perceptions and meanings and thoughts. You are responding, or if it is unconscious, reacting.

Yet the reactions of life simply point to the ability to go deeper, to extend further, to alchemize, reinterpret and get a birds eye view. React to detach is a nice way to remember the purpose of reactions – to show us what we are attached to! And attachment can run hot or cold – the proverbial love/hate dichotomy. Yet, seeing this, is enlightening! You are enlightening!

This knack for detaching and seeing paves the way for perception and meaning. Since we are each making up our worlds with the content of our own perceptual choices, we can begin to live at the nexus of choice, which is not a noun, but a verb! We are not making a choice, we are “Choicing!” Why not “choosing?” Well, choosing works theoretically, yet choicing (my word, no copyright but free to copycat) points to possibility without having to decide (so can allow or simply focus on how you want to feel) while choosing seems to point to two separate objects: left or right, up or down, bad or good.

So let us choice.

Yes, Choice and rejoice,

For the choosing is over,

And the meaning meanders

And a tool is upon us,

To shower reality ~~

Respond thus;

Thank you

For choice,

And for choicing.

For enlightening,

I am captured,

To rejoice.


This is my 111 post!

Kathrynsings is “Kathryning”.

Resonant Contours

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Recently, I have had the honor of witnessing a friend navigate an “on again off again”, difficult and at moments immobilizing illness. It has not been easy for her or for her friends, as the diagnoses have been incorrect and or incomplete at times. Yet her constant attitude of surrender to the humanness that connects us all, the care of a universe that will go out of its way to align with her/our sense of possibility despite appearances, and her endurance and patience through the touch and go experiences of modern medicine allowed her to receive the care that she has needed to continue feeling well. Returning to her writing and sharing, she relates that the through line in her experience is opening herself up to possibility and aligning constantly with the divinity within, which expresses as compassion and love as feeling states shared immutably.

Reading her words evokes the medicine of the truth of the awareness of love, lived. The graces and openings, alignments and resolutions that she witnessed are like a blueprint. I found myself returning to moments of my life where I felt like I was in the trenches, and every grace, improvement, apparent setback or healing, and the eventual release of the problem or problems followed resonant contours: the gratitude for the medical care, the humbleness in the face of something that was experienced as “bigger than me”, the going forward into the unknown with faith and optimism, gratitude to those moments where the clouds parted, the phone rang, or the receiver picked up, the letter was mailed or received, the prayer answered, the setback accepted, the appointment opened, the procedure worked or led to a new discovery, the care and flowers and the moments of respite and peace that undergird. These are all familiar contours.

Although I would not consciously choose for my friend to endure painful experiences, or myself for that matter, it is also apparent that the opportunities to connect so deeply within and to come out the other side more grateful, loving, humble, serene and aligned are what are unheralded gifts of experience when we embrace the possible. To offer gratitude to these experiences is about the ability to see with unusual sight ~ a sight that could be experienced as vision. A google dictionary definition of vision reads “2 : the act or power of seeing : sight.”

This definition using the wording “act” and “power” resonate well with my friend’s observation of her “aligning with possibility” moment to moment. Is there any greater act, any greater power? This, then, is a strength that is filled with trust. From what I can read in her account, it is heart full of trust.

I can think of no greater Valentine’s wish, and I extend it to you, dear reader, and the all, ever, which is right now.


Kathryn Kathryn

Snow queen

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Teixeira Times

January 28, 2022

A snowy journal.

The Snow queen

The Snow queen humbles in her indifference ~ her bidding is not always her own.

Her visit communicates precision and illumination. 

Feverish, dark impulses and bodily aches she erases in her icy embrace.  Yet linger not there for she has lulled to sleep the unwitting who awaken no more.

She accelerates spontaneously and her touch lacerates as it heals ~ a negative gain ~

And you, enlightened, fly in your freedom.

Pay attention to the gifts you have received, and you may return and spite excess comfort.

There is simply too much adventure that awaits!

If I were to write a poem

To the Snow Queen

It would have to be on white paper.

Paper that knows it has been a tree.

If I were to write a poem

To the snow Queen,

Myriad points of light sparkle, blanketing the sleeping earth.

To find the right words at the right angle,

To refract Her Wisdom, is my aim.

A snow queen can be approached

In humility, for she at once knows the content

Of human hearts and minds; not content

To leave them untouched.

Her touch is purifying, and it heals, too!

Just walk in her auspices –

And feel.

A snow queen knows her worth and can communicate to you yours.  .