To shame or not to shame?

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This is a question.

There are points to be made for both. This is definitely not new age. Let me explain.

Without shame, we would not know the difference between right and wrong behavior, and train ourselves to act accordingly. It is corrective in certain doses, if it is not soaked in recrimination.

The trick is to the use the energy of shame, of the knowledge that you have not acted rightly, to confront the very energy that feeds the behavior: a clue is that it usually feels like a sticky or stuck-like pattern. It is uncomfortable to look at, at first, until you get the hang of the sensation, which can be likened to a “slow burn”, because, let’s face it, you are using your consciousness to free a part of your consciousness that is not fluid, it is therefore seemingly solid and a “part” of yourself. Yet this kind of work is not self-devaluation. It is the opposite. It is the necessary and loving housekeeping to keep you from crossing the line into inappropriate behavior that is disrespectful and makes you sluggish or (and I speak from experience here) a portion of energy of your self that has been cut off because of misunderstanding its essential need for knowing it is also part of the All That Is (what we know of as Source) – while it puts others on edge, it is also part of the All. All that is “IS” All that is. Nothing is separate from That, which is the I AM. It just is a portion that has forgotten it is Love, and in the forgetting, has forged ahead to experience the flavors of that forgetting – hence the boundaries and necessity of a certain amount of shame. I know what I am talking about intimately from experience. Take this morning with an interaction with one of my family members, for example ! (ha!)

Let’s be real. This is the work we came here for, isn’t it? Let’s not shy away from our birthright to be badasses of consciousness – to raise our standards for our own ability to live in peace and freedom of our true nature.

And what is that nature? It is, essentially, pure awareness. It has no need for the patterns that keep us spinning (another form of stuckiness is, ironically, the loop!) (and by the way, I just added “stuckiness” to my dictionary because LOVE LOVE the word which is a cross of stuck and stickiness).

Think of it as cross-training. There are moments when you are going to have to face what we call “darkness” which is just energy that we have come to believe means something (it doesn’t, for as Master Toni Petrinovich teaches, all energy is neutral) – you are going to have to unshame yourself for believing that the unconscious energy is you just because you allowed it. This is an important step because it creates the necessary space for the energy to be seen, looked at, and therefore, by proxy, not an essential part of who you are.

This is the moment you may need to stand firm in your sovereignty – release the knowing of your divinity, which is synonymous with your capability to call a spade a spade, and not let anything deter you – until whatever you are facing is satisfied that you are sincere. That is akin to transmutation or transcendence. To not fight the fear or selfish energy patterns that appear in your field (they are not there by accident, but by a certain agreement, ultimately, if you will, for your self discovery) and use the energy of shame to your advantage. For shame is really a deep, heart felt longing to enact your integrity in life and to offer your own encouragement, love and upliftment to yourself and thereby to your human family.

There could be no more sacred work. This is The Work, and you are not alone. Millions of humans are taking stock, looking within at their truth and allowing it to inform their enactment of their vibration. It is a flow and a glow, and a beautiful sight to see.

There is nothing in your way, there is nothing, really to say, but to remain quite quiet and know.

“Be still and know” (that I AM God) the Bible verse shares a wondrous mantra, that, if experienced non-mechanically – not just a mental repetition, but a tool to scale the depths of your worthiness – can give you utter permission to be in a position to remain quiet.

It is such an honor to bring this forward for us all at this moment in time. I am so on our side, cheering us on.

To Love it all, the portion of the world, in the form of our unconscious longing, that is sad and lost and coming to us for understanding and Love and absolution.

We can do it. I have your back. Will you have mine?

Humble as a blade of grass and so Mighty as a soaring bird. I am You and You are me. Can I speak like this? Will you understand?



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