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What if, in the course of life, you come to the insight that everything in life is worthy. That you are worthy? That everything in your life is there to worship you and that you can worship everything in your life?

Is it possible that life can be constant and continuous worship, where the feeling of gratitude and awe is sprung out of the worthiness of being?

Of course it is possible, dearie! Why else are we born?

Where do these ideas come from ~ life as joy and peace and gratitude?

They are very ancient. Every spiritual tradition talks about being in the world, but not of it. To transcend the mind by loving it and taming it within the auspices of the Heart-informed Soul. To share of yourself without asking for a lot of credit or fuss. To work with meaning as the soothsayer it has the potential to be: as the catalyst it has the potential to be.

Every culture has experienced moments of chaos and destruction that have inevitably led to eras of transformation and coherence. Experience is inevitable, until.

Then, and only then, when we’ve wrung out the wash-cloth of experience of all of its accumulated weight and let it to dry in the sun of our source can we as individuals – later as collectives of individuals – turn our senses inward distinctly to craft our being.

Then we are the hub of our world, our universe-wheel, and the spokes of myriad mirrors create a kaleidoscope of sacred and geometric alignments . . . and . . . as the announcer calls at the beginning of a long anticipated baseball game “Let’s play ball!”, the soul . . . saturated . . . sings “Let the games begin!”, and the pitch is perfect.

Namaste, friends and soon to be friends,


Life Purpose: relax into sacred expanses and breath your life.

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When I was a girl, around seven years old, I noticed my parent reading the newspaper. Taking note of the headlines, I asked about nuclear bombs. This was nineteen eighty-one, or so. It could have been this October 22nd headline: https://www.nytimes.com/1981/10/22/world/reagan-clarifies-his-statement-on-nuclear-war.html, though the exact one eludes me.

What does not elude me is the memory of feeling both concern/trepidation and a realization of clarity. I understood something that I didn’t know I was wondering about: that this civilization was in some deep waters, and that was why I was there. It was an aha! moment that has been a touchstone. Somehow the clarity I was given in that moment allowed me to carry on with the gigantic task ahead of growing into amnesia as a state of mind. To forget that I am One and connected and do not need to be reminded I am loved, because the connection to that reality is never severed.

Other signposts allowed me to continue to navigate my amnesia ~ and life went on.

Then, I gave birth to my eldest child, and a whole new mantra opened up which stated “It is time to walk your talk”, and the digging in process begins.

Of course this is all a story I am telling myself and most of the elements can be played with. I could argue that I never “fell asleep” to my true nature, but painstakingly gave away pieces of myself to those I felt needed the energy more than I did. That I would know how to navigate my way back to the wholeness, I AM consciousness bliss.

But who does that? Who gives away their life for their friends?

I laugh, since my truth is so malleable and real that it cannot be stretched into anything false. So.

Here we are, and most of my pieces have returned to me, effortlessly, of course! Actually, the lack of trust is the ONLY thing that has slowed the process. The so called “calibration” period. Ha!

Yet, we are here, and we are now. The present moment is all we have ever had, all we will ever have. And it is also so true and malleable. How deep does it go?

Who is there to ask?

The vestiges of linear time may be dug out so that the present moment merges the soul identity. The Soul, as the meeting ground of all that we are in every dimension or thought/consciousness area possible everywhere and every-time, has a breadth of ocean-beach-sand as-life-time-experiences-both-past-and-future-so-to-speak that avail themselves within the breath. At the beginning and end of the breath, so we are. That is where we live, and it becomes our total atom-sphere – what we are elementally.

who knew?

Anyone who wants to know. And that’s the truth, and that is me. If you would like to know more about the peace that I am finding and creating with the self-knowledge contained in the breathe, reach out here: kathrynsings@yahoo.com and we can talk!kathrynsings@yahoo.com I am learning how to do this for myself and would welcome the opportunity to share with you.

Kathryn and all of that which makes me.

Bless you. Namaste.


When I write

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When I write,

A quantum poem,

I take you to your edge.

When I take you to your edge,

I thenstep over,

And offer you a hand,

Into the inky blackness.

As I hold you in the void,

You find your bearings,

And as you expand exponentially,

I witness your surrender.

When I witness your surrender,

In the Heart of the One,

My depths extend,

And quake with wonder,

Yes, I quake with wonder,

When I write,

A quantum poem,

To You.


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When we are young, and even when we are not, we have a sort of delusion that we are going to live forever in this body. The powerful feelings that we experience as a feeling, or sentient, being long to be honored. This is where vows come in. We long to honor the experiences we have by vowing to allow/never allow something like that to happen again. We bind ourselves to the people we vow to when it is not necessary.

I have read that this tendency to make bonds through chemical alliances is a feature of tribal living. Feelings are chemicals and strong feelings produce an onrush of chemicals. It is a weather system of experiences that leaves the land of our psyche and body altered. We have all heard of dopamine, the pleasure chemical, oxytocin, the bonding chemical, serotonin for happiness/dominance and endorphins for pain relief. We have also heard of cortisol, the stress hormone. Many times we want to put words to these experiences – since the experience is so powerful, it must mean something, right? If someone in my environment is having a strong experience, because it is so strong it must have something to do with me, right? After all, I can feel it!

I can feel her anger, his joy, her relief, his curiosity – – feelings, thoughts and emotions are transmissible because they are energy, and we are primary energetic beings. We are also scientists of meaning and look to “name” everything in our environment in order to get it sorted. As young children, we are very open and very curious and it may be that we use the strong experiences in our environment to associate ourselves with an identity. After all, we are here to choose and discard themes over and over to find one that fits. We all want an identity we can be comfortable with.

Yet what if we aren’t comfortable with the identity we have chosen?

Then, like good scientists, we gather data and do research. Some may research popular culture and find a way of presenting themselves that suits their interests for the moment. Some may turn within and begin looking at natural inclinations and areas that bring a sense of order, peace, and well-being.

After choosing identities, we want to read up on that identity, digest everything there is to know, and then begin morphing into a more complete version of the identity chosen. It is like a worm who studies the butterfly and then goes into a cocoon to design its wings.

The most glorious identity of all is that of a multidimensional being. It affords limitless view points and it is a lovely precursor to being the One. When you are focused on I AM, or as the ONE that creates in an empowered and authentic way, you no longer need to look for an identity because nothing can stick any longer. You are connected within, and this connection serves as the ultimate compass, surpassing any need to define or remain undefined. It is ultimately non-judgment and allowance within discernment.

Moana’s chorus

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I confess, I have an earworm for the chorus of Moana’s song “How Far I’ll Go”. Here are the lyrics:

See the line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

See the light as it shines on the sea
It’s blinding
But no one knows how deep it goes
And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond that line
Will I cross that line

See the line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go

In my mind, the sea is the heart-space of unfathomable depths or the vast ocean of awareness. Some call it the last frontier, some cower before its unknown dimensions and a few dare to cross the line of belief in order to know. And yet “no one knows” how far it goes, and that is part of the allure, isn’t it?

Only the silence knows.

And only the silence can take you there.

Moana is tasked with returning the Heart to the Land to free her people from a looming threat. We are tasked with returning to the heart-space in order to free ourselves from the tyranny of fear we have unknowingly allowed. It’s Disney, so of course she succeeds (and so do we all, eventually, or now), yet her task at the end is to embody fearlessness in order to face the threat. She does this through coherent emotions which she courts with her relationship to her inner heart-song. Singing, she tames the land/beast and is able to restore the heart. That is the “wind” in her sail: her coherent heart and fearless usage of it in the face of “danger”. There is no more “If”. We can change the lyrics to read “As the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me”. The song is changed, and with it, her DNA. She has embodied the experience (in 90 minutes of animation) and made it her own. Now healed, she brings the information back to her people (with the help of a demi-god).

We can enlist the help of our dormant DNA – our Demi-god, Now (within)Awareness. We have 12 strands, potentially, though only two are activated.

Going into the silence, knowing the blood, feeling the heart-beat, realizing the bones, all of this time in the quiet space of the heart (a half an hour a day) strengthens the system to receive the upgrade to 12 strands of DNA. Coherency is the secret. Silence is the way. Taking the time to journey outside of the lines of belief will activate all sorts of “learnings”. I put the word learnings in quotes, because it really is remembering. It is in your blood. It knows the way. Your DNA will respond to the environment of your body, mind, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. You can program yourself to remember your entire divine spectrum of light (Bruce Lipton “Biology of Belief). You are anointed. Many have gone before and done this work. Many have set the intention to remember. Many have faced down the land of their ancestors (inherited beliefs about how to be, how to dress or eat, what to think about, et. al.) to the innocence before and beyond belief and reclaimed the territory of time. The wind is in your sails, if you want it, it is yours!

Much Love,

Kathryn Hart Teixeira