Fourth of July Freedom

There is a type of freedom that is for the body/personality and a freedom for the soul. In the former, we celebrate many many things. That in our country you can live, work, raise a family, heal, grow, and learn.

These freedoms are ones which many times we take for granted : good health, a nice job that supports housing and food needs, relative economic and political stability, freedom from having to think a certain way, “or else” and the freedom to trust.

There is also the freedom of soul, or incarnation, which is the gift of time to discover our timeless nature – the gift of a body to discover the essence which supports it all and the gift of personality that teaches us about impersonal love.

Both of these Freedoms can be celebrated today, though to really celebrate is an inner attribute. It is inner because no-one an give it or take it from you. The aptitude of freedom of focus, freedom of attention is one that is inborn, yet also, in many cases, can be trained for greater expansiveness in living.

Expansive living is a way of acknowledging life as new in each moment, and as your inner terrain refreshed constantly by your essence, the quality of the still small voice experienced as All, Ground of Being, God, what you wish to call IT, the ineffable. The still small voice, the quietness, can be used by mind to correlate the body as the universe itself, as in “as above, so below”.

This subtle sense must be so in order for it to be felt to be everywhere and all at once and ineffable and outside time while encompassing time, and while totally connected with the physical corollary: the breath.

Can you feel this? Then we are not persons relating, we are IT, acknowledging itself in the multitude. The One in the many. That is a freedom that rings for me, generously. It is as if I Am a flute and my breathing is a song that reaches the soul song of anyone who is attuned to this truth, because we are the same.

This sameness where individuality can flourish because it is not taken so seriously, because a multidimensional seeing takes it as it comes, facing it all with equanimity. Playing each note, each moment, in turn, creates melody. This melody harmonizes with all melodies everywhere, somehow. Symphony. Symphonic freedom.

This is what I wish for myself, my family and community, my country, my world and my universe.

From the heart of the One,

Katie Hart

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